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Articles by Terry Blain

Israeli-American composer Anat Spiegel's 'My Four Mothers' premieres at Cedar Commissions Article

Composer Anat Spiegel's journey to Minnesota has been a long one, from her childhood in Israel to working in Amsterdam, but her Jewish heritage has always been a part of it. Her work 'My Four Mothers' tells the story of women in her life who clarified the significance of the Holocaust for her. It will premiere Friday as part of the Cedar Commissions at the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis.


How about a little office music? Composer Jay Afrisando is all work and play Article

Have you ever drummed your fingers impatiently on a laptop, mulling how to word an important email or waiting for a lazy download? If so, you are an inspiration to composer Jay Afrisando, whose interactive sound exhibit 'Music of Your Office' is playing free May 7 and 8 in downtown St. Paul.


Minnesota's Soojin Lee celebrates traditional Korean music Article

Soojin Lee discusses traditional Korean instruments and how they have changed over time, along with Korean classical music. She will be hosting a camp in June at MacPhail for ages 10 to 18, focusing on Korean music and traditional instruments.