How to listen to YourClassical on smart speakers, apps and more

You can listen to YourClassical’s music streams on Amazon Echo, Google Home and other devices. Here's how.

You can listen to programming from YourClassical and YourClassical MPR in many ways besides over-the-air broadcasts. Find out more below.

How can I play YourClassical streams on my smart speaker or voice assistant? 

You can ask a smart speaker or voice assistant for YourClassical streams by name, like this:  

Alexa, play YourClassical Relax. 
Hey Siri, play YourClassical MPR. (Be sure to enunciate M – P – R clearly!) 

You can also try the following commands (replace YourClassical Lullabies with your stream of choice): the station YourClassical Relax. the YourClassical Relax station. the station YourClassical Relax on TuneIn. the station YourClassical Relax on iHeart radio. 

I asked my smart speaker to play a YourClassical stream, but it plays the wrong stream or tells me it can’t find the stream. 

This can be frustrating! Sometimes the smart speaker manufacturers change their stream databases. When that happens, a command might return the wrong stream or the smart speaker might tell you it can’t find the stream — even if that command used to work for you just fine. A great solution is to try an utterance from the list above that incorporates the words “station” and either “TuneIn” or “iHeart.” the station YourClassical Relax on TuneIn. the station YourClassical Relax on iHeart. 

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