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How to listen to YourClassical streams on Internet radio

A Sonos Play:1 streaming device. Sonos

Would you like to listen to YourClassical or Classical MPR on Internet radio? Just enter these URLs for each stream on your Sonos or other stand-alone streaming audio device, or radio app:

YourClassical Radio

Classical Minnesota Public Radio

Black History Month (seasonally from mid-January through February)

Chamber Music


Classical Kids

Concert Band


Holiday (now year-round with music for the next holiday)



Peaceful Piano


Women's History Month (seasonally during March)

Note: If these don't work initially on your device, try removing the S from the HTTP portion of the address.

iTunes users: See Apple's support article "Listen to Internet radio in iTunes on Mac" to learn how to enter URLs manually.

Questions? Email Randy Salas, senior digital producer for classical music, at

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