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You can now access YourClassical's App on Apple and Android devices.
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Listen to the YourClassical app on your mobile device

You can listen to all of YourClassical's music streams on your mobile device. Here's how to download and use the YourClassical app.

Download the YourClassical app

Download the YourClassical app from Apple or the Google Play store. The streaming app is available for Apple devices such as iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad, and for Android phones and tablets. The YourClassical app also connects with Apple Watch and CarPlay-compatible vehicles.

Once the YourClassical app has completed downloading, tap the app on your device's home screen to launch it.

Streaming YourClassical on your new app

When the app has opened, your home screen will showcase the stream you've selected to listen to. To begin listening to YourClassical Radio, for example, tap the play button on the gray strip at the bottom of your screen. To play our other streams, tap the menu bars in the upper left and swipe up and down to scroll through the various options.

Your selected stream will then appear on your app home screen, displaying the title and composer of the piece being streamed, as well as the host (for radio streams) and the playlist beneath. The play/pause button is at the bottom of the screen. If you don't hear the stream, make sure that you've selected "play" and that your device's volume is turned up.

Note: The YourClassical app defaults to the last-listened stream the next time it's opened.

Other features

To view recently aired pieces, scroll down on the app home screen. Music is listed beginning with the most recent piece that has finished playing. The starting time of each piece of music is listed above its name.

To view the entire playlist, tap 'view full playlist,' displayed underneath the recently aired pieces. This action exits the YourClassical app and goes to the full playlist on To return to the YourClassical app, retap the app on your device's home screen on Apple devices or tap the back button on Android devices.


If you have feedback on how we can improve the app or have technical issues, please fill out our contact form or email us directly.

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