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The National Park Service turns 100

A view of the Teton mountain range Nate Ryan/MPR

As we stood shivering, waiting for the sun to rise in a meadow of sage and fading wildflowers, the Teton mountain range spread out in cinematic beauty to the west. Not once - not a single time - did the sight of those mountains fail to leave us in a state of awe. It must be impossible to live within view of the Tetons and actually get any work done.

Now repeat that special magic 411 more times, and you get the crown jewel of the Department of the Interior: the National Park Service. There's not a majestic mountain range that glows in the morning sun in all 412 parks, but each has its own, set of unique, amazing qualities.

The National Park Service was signed into existence 100 years ago - August 25, 1916, by President Woodrow Wilson. Join us as we celebrate the centennial on PT.

A view of the Teton mountain range Nate Ryan/MPR
Fred takes in the grandeur of the Tetons Nate Ryan/MPR
Fred and the Teton mountain range Nate Ryan/MPR
Recording in Grand Teton National Park Nate Ryan/MPR
Violinist Holly Mulcahy is an avid hiker. She's inspired by her time in the park. Nate Ryan/MPR
Crossing a bridge on a hike in the Tetons Nate Ryan/MPR
Violinist Holly Mulcahy and Fred chat about music, national parks and nature on the shores of Phelps Lake. Quite a payoff for a quick hike in Grand Teton National Park. Nate Ryan/MPR
Holly Mulcahy at Phelps Lake Nate Ryan/MPR
Fred at Phelps Lake Nate Ryan/MPR
Fred and Grand Teton National Park Ranger Jamie Bemis Nate Ryan/MPR
Sunrise in the Tetons with the PT crew Nate Ryan/MPR

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