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Aspen student profile: Lucie Ticho

Lucie TichoAPM photo/Nate Ryan

Aspen student profile: Lucie Ticho


July 28, 2015

When Lucie Ticho first came to Aspen, she remembers thinking she was way out of her league. Two years later, she's still wowed by her fellow cellists, but the 17-year-old can definitely hold her own.

Ticho feels at home in the hills of Aspen. The first summer she came, she would gaze at the top of Shadow Mountain, which overlooks the student dorms. Atop its peak is a flag, which Ticho wanted to touch. She climbed up the next year, and without a clear path, she achieved her goal. This kind of self-determination is evident in her confident playing as well.

Busking for a little spending money and gigantic slice of pizza is on the docket for most students at the Aspen Music Festival and School. Ticho, who is fascinated by all things French, especially enjoys playing near the local creperie. The tips are nice, and there might even be a free crepe thrown in as a bonus.