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Performance Today®

with host Fred Child

The sights and sounds of Charleston: Part 3

The Pineapple Fountain in Charleston's Waterfront Park. APM photo/Avital Rabinowitz
3min 49sec : Charleston's swashbuckling past

Every spring, Charleston, SC, is host to the Spoleto Festival USA, a diverse arts and culture festival featuring nationally and internationally renowned artists of every discipline.

And every year, we look forward to featuring highlights from the Spoleto Festival USA on Performance Today. This year, however, we decided to do something special.

Join us all this week for a virtual tour of charming Charleston, as we feature the sights and sounds of the Holy City alongside musical highlights from the Spoleto Festival USA.

Wednesday, June 3: Pirate Tour

Tour guide (and self-proclaimed Sandlapper) Eric Lavender spoke with us about Charleston's complicated relationship with pirates -- both buccaneers and privateers.

Plus, Lavender discussed what it's like to give tours in full pirate gear with his handsome companion -- a blue and yellow macaw by the name of Captain Bob.

Our thanks to Charleston Pirate Tours and guide Eric Lavender.

Want to experience more Charleston? Click on to read Part 1 and Part 2 of our exploration of the city.

The Pineapple Fountain in Charleston's Waterfront Park. APM photo/Avital Rabinowitz
Pirate Courtyard in Charleston, SC. APM photo/Avital Rabinowitz
Eric Lavender and Captain Bob, tour guides with Charleston Pirate Tours in Charleston, SC. APM photo/Avital Rabinowitz
PT Technical Producer Elizabeth Iverson and Senior Producer Suzanne Schaffer interview tour guide Eric Lavender (pictured with Captain Bob the macaw.) APM photo/Avital Rabinowitz
Street view in Charleston, SC. APM photo/Avital Rabinowitz
St. Philip's Church graveyard, Charleston, SC APM photo/Avital Rabinowitz

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