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The sights and sounds of Charleston: Part 1

Sottile Theater in Charleston, SC.APM photo/Avital Rabinowitz

Poogan's Porch


June 01, 2015

Every spring, Charleston, SC, is host to the Spoleto Festival USA, a diverse arts and culture festival featuring nationally and internationally renowned artists of every discipline.

And every year, we look forward to featuring highlights from the Spoleto Festival USA on Performance Today. This year, however, we decided to do something special.

Join us all this week for a virtual tour of charming Charleston, as we feature the sights and sounds of the Holy City alongside musical highlights from the Spoleto Festival USA.

Monday, June 1: Poogan's Porch

Charleston is well-known for its cuisine; a combination of classic low country cooking, Southern staples, and a wealth of diverse, eclectic fare.

One of the oldest and best-known restaurants in the city is Poogan's Porch, which is located in a picturesque Victorian townhouse in historic Charleston. In addition to delicious food, Poogan's is home to numerous mysteries: Who was Poogan? Is it true that he haunts the halls of the restaurant? And what on earth is in their amazing buttermilk biscuits*?

To find out more about this iconic Charleston establishment, we spoke with server Justin Zimmerman, who answered these questions and more.

*We were able to solve the mystery of the buttermilk biscuits too. You can find the exact recipe for Poogan's world-renowned biscuits here.