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Violinist Angèle Dubeau's new album celebrates womanhood

Her new album is conceived, composed and performed by exceptional women. Courtesy of artist

New Classical Tracks - Angèle Dubeau (Extended)


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March 30, 2022

Angèle Dubeau and La Pietà — Elle (Analekta)

New Classical Tracks - Angèle Dubeau

“After 25 years of playing together, we can recognize the sound, color, texture and characterization of La Pietà very well, but I'm looking for that extra sparkle I call energy,” violinist Angèle Dubeau said about the passion each member has brought to this all-female ensemble over the years to include its new release, Elle.

When Dubeau formed La Pietà in 1997, her goal was simply to assemble a dozen musicians for a new Vivaldi recording. When she realized all the musicians were women, she named the ensemble after the orphanage for girls where Vivaldi taught in Venice, La Pietà.

Is there more to the record’s title?

Yeah, it's ‘she,’ or ‘elle,’ in the singular, because I thought that each woman is unique. That's a little detail, and this album marks the 25th anniversary of La Pietà. I wanted to have an album conceived, played and composed all by women. It makes me proud to be a woman when I listen to this album. 

“All women on the album, except one, are contemporary composers. The exception is Hildegard von Bingen, because I thought if we have wonderful composers of today why not showcase one of the first composers of the 12th century?”

Can you tell me about the commissioned work and who composed it?

“That’s Ana Sokolović. I asked her to write a suite of movements. She decided to do a suite of dances called Girandole des Danses imaginaires. Each movement is a different dance and tells a unique story.

“There's also another work composed for the album from Katia Makdissi-Warren; she’s also from Montreal. It’s called, Mémoire, and it’s from an Inuit tradition that has been handed down from mother to daughter.”

Tell me about Elena Kats-Chernin’s ‘Re-Inventions.’

“It's a piece that she first wrote for recorder and strings. Now it's for violin and strings. It's just a small re-orchestration of the piece. The work is based on a two-part invention by Bach. It's bubbly and really fun.”

What has surprised you the most about what you and this ensemble have achieved?

What makes me most proud is to know that our music accompanies people while they endure daily life, whether it’s happy or sad, or small or great moments.”

To hear the rest of my conversation, click on the extended interview above, or download the extended podcast on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts.


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