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ARC Ensemble honors composer Dmitri Klebanov

The ARC Ensemble explores the works of Jewish Ukrainian composer Dimitri Klebanov.Courtesy of artist

New Classical Tracks - ARC Ensemble (Extended)


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October 20, 2021
New Classical Tracks - ARC Ensemble

ARC Ensemble – Chamber Works by Dmitri Klebanov (Chandos)

“It is very interesting that every composer tells a different story of overcoming difficulties,” said Simon Wynberg, who is the artistic director for the Arc Ensemble. “It’s about planting a flag in the ground and producing marvelous work. It's a really exciting kind of project.”

Chamber works by Dmitri Klebanov is the fifth recording from the group's Music and Exile series, and it features the Jewish Ukrainian composer Dimitri Klebanov

How did the Yuri Klebanov contribute to this album full of his father’s music?

“He had amazing insights into his father's life. He had anecdotes and letters and notes between Shostakovich his father from when he was a boy. There were all sorts of things that he could tell me about the repertoire and about Dimitri Klebanov’s life. We corresponded for years.

“It was a real shock when he suddenly passed. I know he was really looking forward to the release of the CD because it was the first time in 30 years that a commercial release of his father’s music had happened.

“The album tracks his progress and compositional style. It starts with his fourth quartet, which was completed after the war, and it includes his piano trio and fifth quartet. The later work is more advanced harmonically than the pervious two works.”

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