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September 17, 2022

It often takes more than just practice to become a good musician. It takes a good teacher. Join host Liz Lyon as we discuss some great music teachers who taught and inspired many talented classical musicians.

Episode 101 playlist

Antonin Dvorak & Arr. by Shinichi Suzuki: Humoresques — Shinichi Suzuki had always had a fondness for children and the idea of education. He thought that children could learn music just like they learned to speak—starting when they were very young and hearing music all around them. He developed the Suzuki method and arranged popular pieces of music for solo instruments. This is an example of one.

LISTEN  — Antonin Dvorak & Arr. by Shinichi Suzuki: Humoresques

Antonin Dvorak & Arr. by S. Suzuki: Humoresques

Nadia Boulanger: Three pieces for Cello and Piano — One of the most well-known music teachers of all time is Nadia Boulanger. She was a composer and conductor herself but dedicated her life to teaching. A lot of her students became incredibly famous composers. One of them said that Nadia knew everything there was to know about music. Several of her students talked about how she always made them feel confident in themselves and helped bring out their best. Performed by Amit Peled on cello.

LISTEN  — Nadia Boulanger: Three pieces for Cello and Piano

Nadia Boulanger: Three pieces for Cello and Piano

Jessie Montgomery: Banner — Aaron Dworkin was a violinist and through his own experiences realized the lack of diversity in classical music. He created the Sphinx Organization to help reflect the diversity in the United States in orchestras. It is also a way to support talented young Black and Latino performers and prepare them for professional careers in classical music. Some of the biggest names in classical music today are alumni from the Sphinx Organization, like composer Jessie Montgomery.

LISTEN  — Jessie Montgomery: Banner

Jessie Montgomery: Banner

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