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Xuefei Yang - The Musical Pioneer

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YourClassical Adventures: Episode 68 - Xuefei Yang


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October 08, 2022

When Xuefei Yang was a young girl, she became the first Chinese guitarist to enter an international competition. It was one of many firsts for her as she paved the way for future female guitarists from China.

Episode 68 playlist

Xuefei Yang: Romance de Amor — This is a piece off of Xuefei Yang’s debut album.

LISTEN — Xuefei Yang: Romance de Amor

Xuefei Yang: Romance de Amor

Xuefei Yang: Shuo Chang — This piece was written by Chinese composer Chen Yi. Although they were famous for writing music for various instruments, this was the first time they composed a piece for the guitar.

LISTEN — Xuefei Yang: Shuo Chang

Xuefei Yang: Shuo Chang

Xuefei Yang: Flower Drum — This is from an album released in August 2020 and dedicated to the music of Yang’s home country, China.

LISTEN — Xuefei Yang: Flower Drum

Xuefei Yang: Flower Drum

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