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More Buried Treasures

Music that is new to you can feel like finding buried treasure. Unsplash/Jadon Barnes

YourClassical Adventures: Episode 96 - More Buried Treasures


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October 22, 2022

Sometimes composers and their work can get buried in time. Join producer Melanie Renate as we uncover and learn more about composers who aren’t as well known in the traditional classical world.

Episode 96 playlist

Gerald Finzi - Cello Concerto — Some of Gerald Finzi’s pieces are well known, but after he died his family worked hard to help make sure more of his music was made accessible to people. This is the last piece he wrote.

LISTEN  — Gerald Finzi: Cello Concerto

Gerald Finzi: Cello Concerto

Jan Dismas Zelenka: Capriccio No. 4  — War causes great loss. One of the many things that can be lost or destroyed by war is art. Jan Dismas Zelenka’s music was thought to have been lost when his city was destroyed during a war. Luckily, some of his music survived.

LISTEN  —  Jan Dismas Zelenka: Capriccio No. 4

Jan Dismas Zelenka: Capriccio No. 4

Kikuko Kanai: Ryukyu Dances - 'Maidens Under the Moon' — There are so many amazing composers who aren’t well-known simply because their music hasn’t been recorded yet. Kikuko Kanai was well-known in her home country of Japan. Even though she composed more than 150 pieces of music, only a relative few have been recorded.

LISTEN  —  Kikuko Kanai: Ryukyu Dances - 'Maidens Under the Moon'

Kikuko Kanai: Ryukyu Dances - 'Maidens Under the Moon'

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