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The Road to The Guitar

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Episode 67 - The Road to The Guitar

YourClassical Adventures: Episode 67 - The Road to The Guitar


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October 01, 2022

The modern guitar is a popular instrument, but did you know there are many different types of guitars? Join host Liz Lyon as we take a trip around the world to listen to the sounds of different guitars throughout history.

Episode 67 playlist

Issam Rafea and Gao Hong: From Our World to Yours — This piece showcases the oud, which is a pear-shaped, stringed instrument popular in countries such as Egypt, Syria, Armenia and Turkey.

LISTEN — Issam Rafea and Gao Hong: From Our World to Yours

Issam Rafea and Gao Hong: From Our World to Yours

John Dowland: Mrs. Winter’s Jump — The lute was popular in Europe in the 1500 and 1600s. There are different variations of the lute. There are lutes of different sizes and with different numbers of strings.

LISTEN — John Dowland: Mrs. Winter’s Jump

John Dowland: Mrs. Winter's Jump

Robert de Visee: La Muzette — The Baroque Guitar was popular in Spain. Everyone, from people in the streets up to King Charles II, was fond of this guitar. You can hear it featured in this piece.

LISTEN — Robert de Visee: La Muzette

Robert de Visee: La Muzette

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