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Get Into the Rhythm

A light painting shows a rhythmic pattern.Pawel Czerwinski/Unsplash

YourClassical Adventures: Episode 94 - Get Into the Rhythm


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Music can still be music without a melody or harmony, but you can’t really have music without some sort of rhythm. Join host Liz Lyon as we explore the musical concept of rhythm.

Episode 94 playlist

George Gershwin: I’ve Got Rhythm — Gershwin worked with his older brother on this piece. He composed the music, and his older brother, Ira Gershwin, wrote the lyrics. This rhythm can really help to put you in a good mood.

LISTEN  — George Gershwin: I’ve Got Rhythm

George Gershwin: I’ve Got Rhythm

Igor Stravinsky: The Rite of Spring — Rhythm doesn’t have to be a simple pattern of sound and silence. In 1913, Stravinsky used rhythm in new ways that people weren’t used to. Because of this, many listeners didn’t like this piece at first, but over time it has become an orchestral favorite.

LISTEN  —  Igor Stravinsky: The Rite of Spring

Igor Stravinsky: The Rite of Spring

Danny Elfman: Percussion Quartet, 3rd Movement — Percussion instruments do a great job of presenting the rhythm of a piece. Sometimes pieces of music are written just for percussion, and they can play really complicated rhythms. Here the Third Coast Percussion Ensemble plays a piece by Elfman.

LISTEN  —  Danny Elfman: Percussion Quartet, 3rd Movement

Danny Elfman: Percussion Quartet

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