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Here Comes the Sun

How many pieces of music do you know that are inspired by the sun?Unsplash/Ibrahim Rifath

YourClassical Adventures Episode 88 - Here Comes the Sun


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What do you love about summertime? The sun is out all day long, so the days feel longer. It can really help to put you in a good mood. In this episode, producer Melanie Renate shares classical music inspired by the sun.

Episode 88 playlist

Yu Shi Wang: Sunflower — This piece was composed in 1962. There are lyrics that go along with the original composition, which describes the daily life of farmers in China.

LISTEN — Yu Shi Wang: Sunflower

Yu Shi Wang: Sunflower

George Harrison: Here Comes the Sun — This is a famous song originally performed by The Beatles. It was written by guitarist George Harrison. Here, cellist Ofra Harnoy performs the piece with the Armin String Quartet.

LISTEN — George Harrison: Here Comes the Sun

George Harrison: Here Comes the Sun

Ferde Grofe: Sunrise from Grand Canyon Suite — Can you imagine the sun coming up over the red rocks of the Grand Canyon? Maybe you can find art supplies to create the sunrise this piece makes you think of.

LISTEN — Ferde Grofe: Sunrise from The Grand Canyon Suite

Ferde Grofe: Sunrise from The Grand Canyon Suite

Max Richter: On the Nature of Daylight — The colors of the world change throughout the day as the sun rises, crosses the sky and finally sets. This piece is all about how the sun slowly changes throughout the sky over an entire day.

LISTEN — Max Richter: On the Nature of Daylight

Max Ritcher: On The Nature of Daylight

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