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Comfort for Your Head and Heart

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YourClassical Adventures: Episode 86 - Comfort For Your Head and Heart


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What do you do when you are stressed, mad or sad? Do you go for a run to pound your feet on the ground, or maybe you pick up a paintbrush or an instrument? Join host Liz Lyon and producer Melanie Renate as we explore ways musicians have used tough moments in their lives to create pieces of music that helped them to feel better. Maybe this music can help you feel better, too.

Episode 86 playlist

Garreth Brooke and Anna Salzmann: Healing — Anna Salzmann is a visual artist who has partnered with composer and musician Garreth Brooke to present a musical and visual piece of art called Healing, which they hope can help people explore the emotional process of healing.

LISTEN — Garreth Brooke and Anna Salzmann: Healing

Garreth Brooke and Anna Salzmann: Healing

Johann Sebastian Bach: Partita in D minor for Solo Violin — Violinist Francisco Fullana had always found comfort in Bach’s music. He practiced music on his violin to help him heal while he was recovering from a shoulder injury. He also found comfort in the music by Bach during his time in isolation during the COVID pandemic.

LISTEN — Johann Sebastian Bach: Partita in D minor for Solo Violin

J.S. Bach: D minor Partita for Solo Violin

Joshua McGhee: Let God Bring Tomorrow — Joshua McGhee is a talented multi-instrumentalist, meaning he plays more than one instrument. He has been commissioned to write pieces of music in response to some tragic events. Let God Bring Tomorrow was written in response to a mass shooting.

LISTEN — Joshua McGhee: Let God Bring Tomorrow

Joshua McGhee: Let God Bring Tomorrow

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