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Lightening strikes in this thunderstormDan Meyer

YourClassical Adventures: Episode 84 - Thunderstorms


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This time of year can bring a lot of interesting storms. Join host Liz Lyon as we use our imagination to picture thunderstorms while discovering classical music that was inspired by the rain, wind and rumbles of these storms.

Episode 84 playlist

Eric Whitacre: Cloudburst — Handbells, a thunder sheet, bass drum, suspended cymbal, wind chimes and piano all accompany an eight-part choir. The added claps, snaps and thick smacks by the singers help bring a thunderstorm to life through song.

LISTEN — Eric Whitacre: Cloudburst 

Eric Whitacre: Cloudburst

Ludwig Van Beethoven: Pastoral Symphony — This was one of only two symphonies that Beethoven named. Using your imagination, can you recognize what parts of a thunderstorm the instruments mimic?

LISTEN — Ludwig Van Beethoven: Pastoral Symphony

Ludwig Van Beethoven: Pastoral Symphony

Michael Kamen: The Eye of the Storm — American composer Michael Kamen was well known for his scores to many movies you might know, including The Iron Giant, X-Men, The Avengers and 101 Dalmatians. This piece is from The Iron Giant and helps to set the mood for an unknown object crashing through Earth’s atmosphere in the middle of a storm at sea.

LISTEN — Michael Kamen: The Eye of the Storm

Michael Kamen: The Eye of the Storm

Ferde Grofé: Grand Canyon Suite - Cloudburst — The Grand Canyon Suite includes five movements that paint a specific scene that is typical of the Grand Canyon. The movements are “Sunrise,” “Painted Desert,” “On the Trail” and “Sunset,” with the fifth and final movement, “Cloudburst,” portraying a storm in the Grand Canyon.

LISTEN — Ferde Grofé: Grand Canyon Suite, 5. Cloudburst

Ferde Grofé: Grand Canyon Suite, 5. Cloudburst

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