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YourClassical Adventures: Episode 77 - Forgotten Female Composers


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March 19, 2022

Women have played a major role in classical music history, but because they were women often their work was lost or simply overlooked. Join host Liz Lyon and producer Melanie Renate as we discuss a few of the countless women who have made a large impact in classical music.

Episode 77 playlist

Hélène de Montgeroult: Thème Varié dans le genre moderne — Hélène de Montgeroult plays a large role in classical music history. She was the first female professor at the Paris Conservatoire in 1795. She was a pianist and composer and paved the way for other composers like Ludwig Van Beethoven and Clara Schumann.

LISTEN — Hélène de Monteroult: Thème Varié dans le genre moderne

Hélène de Montgeroult: Thème Varié dans le genre moderne

Elfrida Andrée: Symphony No. 2 — Elfrida Andrée was a Swedish organist, composer and conductor. She was an activist in the Swedish women’s movement and was the first woman to graduate as an organist. She was also the first woman in Sweden to become a cathedral organist and conduct a full orchestra.

LISTEN — Elfrida Andrée: Symphony No. 2

Elfrida Andrée: Symphony No. 2

Undine Smith Moore: Mother to Son — Undine Smith Moore is known as the Dean of Black Women Composers. She was the granddaughter of enslaved people and through a life filled with music, she became not only an accomplished composer but a renowned teacher. Most of her work is vocal compositions influenced by Black spirituals and folk music.

LISTEN — Undine Smith Moore: Mother to Son

Undine Smith Moore: Mother to Son

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