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Improvisation in classical musicPeter Pryharski

YourClassical Adventures: Episode 76 - Improvisation


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March 12, 2022

In music and in life, when someone makes a creative choice “in the moment” its called improvising. Join host Liz Lyon as we explore ways composers and musicians have played with improvising in their music.

Episode 76 playlist

Johann Sebastian Bach: Musical Offering Ricercar a 3 — Bach was well known for his improvising skill. This piece was composed through the use of improvisation and was based on a musical theme.

LISTEN — Johann Sebastian Bach: Musical Offering Ricercar a 3

Johann Sebastian Bach: Musical Offering Ricercar a 3

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Allegretto - Variation — Mozart was skilled at composing music on the spot. He would improvise pieces in public. For example, he closed the premiere of his Prague Symphony with a half-hour improvisation.

LISTEN — Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Allegretto - Variation

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Allegretto - Variation

Gabriela Montero: Improvisation No. 2 — Gabriela Montero is a Venezuelan pianist known best for her real-time improvisation of complex musical themes and pieces suggested by her audiences during live performances.

LISTEN — Gabriela Montero: Improvisation No. 2

Gabriela Montero: Improvisation No. 2

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