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YourClassical Adventures: Episode 69 - Arrangements and Variations


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January 22, 2022

Have you ever seen a piece of clothing or a piece of art that inspired you to try to make your own version? Composers do this regularly with pieces of music. Join host Liz Lyon as we explore variations and arrangements.

Episode 69 playlist

Pablo De Sarasate: Carmen Fantasy — Pablo De Sarasate loved operas and would sometimes pick a favorite opera melody and turn it into a piece he could play on his violin. This piece is based on a famous opera, Carmen.

LISTEN — Pablo De Sarasate: Carmen Fantasy

Pablo De Sarasate: Carmen Fantasy

Clara Schumann: Variations on a Theme — Famous composer Clara Schumann was married to another famous composer, Robert Schumann. Sometimes she would write her own version of a piece of music that her husband composed. That’s what she did here.

LISTEN — Clara Schumann: Variations on a Theme

Clara Schumann: Variations on a Theme

Maurice Ravel: Pictures at an Exhibition — Originally, this piece was written by Modest Mussorgsky for solo piano, but Maurice Ravel rearranged the piece to adapt it for an orchestra. This is a frequently performed variation.

LISTEN — Maurice Ravel: Pictures at an Exhibition

Maurice Ravel: Pictures at an Exhibition

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