Watch: NFL's Baker Mayfield 'plays' bassoon in hilarious new ad

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield "plays" bassoon in an ad for Hulu.Hulu

October 04, 2021

We don’t usually share videos of commercials, but they don’t typically show an NFL star playing bassoon — even as a joke.

A new Facebook ad for Hulu shows Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield doing an interview with a sideline reporter. In the 15-second clip, she asks if he knows about the streaming service’s live sports and other features, and he replies, “Absolutely.”

She then says, “And are you secretly a concert-level bassoonist?”

“You tell me,” he replies.

Then he rips off a fancy run on the unwieldy woodwind instrument — a performance that was dubbed, of course, by a professional musician. Watch now:

Note: If your browser won’t play the video, click on the title to watch it on Facebook

Even though he’s not really playing, at least more viewers unfamiliar with bassoons know about the instrument now. That includes Mayfield, who later posted a funny outtake in which he actually tried to play the bassoon on Twitter: