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Music for Mandolin

They used the mandolin in early baroque and dance music.Unsplash/Yuri Lyktin

Episode 45 - Music for Mandolin

The Mandolin


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July 10, 2021

What pieces of classical music include the mandolin? Join Melissa Dundis and listen to classical music played on the mandolin, on this episode of YourClassical Adventures.

Episode 45 playlist

Antonio Vivaldi: Mandolin Concerto— The mandolin was popular in this kind of music, by baroque composer Antonio Vivaldi.

Antonio Vivaldi: Mandolin Concerto

Bela Bartok: Romanian Folk Dances— Can you imagine dancing around to this classical/folk piece?

Bela Bartok: Romanian Folk Dances

Edgar Meyer and Chris Thile: Why Only One — Here the mandolin is playing a duet with an upright bass.

Edgar Meyer and Chris Thile: Why Only One

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