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Vivaldi the Superstar

Vivaldi wrote so much music and was the most famous musician in Italy a few hundred years ago.Wikimedia Commons

Episode 34 - Vivaldi the Superstar

YourClassical Adventures: Episode 34 - Vivaldi the Superstar


April 16, 2021

Listen to the exciting sounds of violinist and composer, Antonio Vivaldi.

Episode 34 playlist

Antonio Vivaldi: Sonata for Two Violins —Vivaldi wrote most of his music for the violin. One of his first jobs as a musician was teaching young girls' to play the violin

Antonio Vivaldi: Sonata for Two Violins
by MPR

Antonio Vivaldi: Winter from The Four Seasons — His most famous genre was concertos, and his most famous piece was a set of four concertos for violin, called The Four Seasons. Each concerto evokes the feeling of a different season.

Antonio Vivaldi: Winter from The Four Seasons
by MPR

Antonio Vivaldi: Spring from The Four Seasons — Does this section from the four seasons remind you of springtime, or flowers blooming?

Antonio Vivaldi: Spring from The Four Seasons
by MPR

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