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The Genius of Beethoven

Beethoven was one of the greatest composers to ever live, changing the way we wrote symphonies and sonatas.Wikimedia Commons

Episode 31 - The Genius of Beethoven

Episode 31: Celebrating Beethoven


December 11, 2020

Is your imagination as big as Beethoven's?

Episode 31 playlist

Ludvig Van Beethoven: 2nd mvt from Symphony No. 7 — People love Beethoven' Symphonies. What do you picture in your mind when you listen to this?

LISTEN — Ludwig Van Beethoven:Symphony No. 7 - 2nd mvt

Ludwig Van Beethoven: Moonlight Piano Sonata — What do you think Beethoven was imagining when he wrote his Moonlight Sonata?

LISTEN — Ludwig Van Beethoven: Moonlight Piano Sonata

Ludwig Van Beethoven: Ode to Joy — This symphony was the very first symphony to feature singers and a choir.

LISTEN — Ludwig Van Beethoven: Ode to Joy from Symphony No. 9

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