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Classical Kids Corner: Episode 25 - The French Horn

When the French horn is uncoiled it is stretches out 16 feet long. Asher Legg/Unsplash
4min 57sec : Episode 25: The French Horn

▼ Download: Classical Kids Corner - Episode 25

Like a warm sunrise or a full moon, enjoy the rich and warm sounds of the French horn.

Episode 25 playlist

Maurice Ravel: Pavane for a Dead Princess —Does the French horn remind you of a slow, warm sunrise in this piece?

LISTEN Maurice Ravel:Pavane for a Dead Princess

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Horn Concerto No. 4 -3rd mvt — The older version of the French horn, was sometimes called a hunting horn. They were so loud hunters could send each other signals across the forest.

LISTEN Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Horn Concerto No. 04 - 3rd mvt

Hans Zimmer: Pirates of the Caribbean Theme — The French horn help the music and composers bring the greatest adventures to life.

LISTEN Hans Zimmer: Pirates of the Caribbean Theme

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