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Classical Kids Corner: Episode 4 - East Meets West

A wooden flute Aswin Thekkoot/Unsplash
5min : Classical Kids Corner - Episode 4: East Meets West

Explore what happens when East meets West in classical music, featuring works by Ravi Shankar and Alan Hovhaness that highlight the sitar and flute.

Episode 4 playlist

Hans Zimmer: "The Duduk of the North" — This is taken from music for the film Gladiator. It features the Armenian flute, called a duduk, which is made out of apricot wood. Hear soloist Djivan Gasparyan perform.

LISTEN Zimmer: The Duduk of the North

Ravi Shankar: Concerto for Sitar and Orchestra — Shankar was a musician from India and is known as the most famous sitar player. Hear him playing his native instrument in this concerto.

LISTEN Shankar: Concerto for Sitar and Orchestra

Alan Hovhaness: Elibris — American composer Hovhaness was inspired by classical traditions of the East and West. This music features the flute. It was inspired by "The God of Sunrise," a story about the Armenian kingdom Ararat.

LISTEN Hovhaness: Elibris

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