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Angele Dubeau explores the music of Philip Glass alongside La Pieta ensemble.
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Angele Dubeau and La Pieta honor music of Philip Glass with 'Signature'

New Classical Tracks (extended interview) - Angele Dubeau
New Classical Tracks - Angele Dubeau
New Classical Tracks - January 31, 2024

Angele Dubeau/La Pieta – Signature/Philip Glass (Analekta)

“I just released my 48th album. So, it's big numbers,” violinist Angele Dubeau says. “I'm starting to impress myself with those numbers. But you know what? Ultimately, what’s important is that music can give hope and can give a sense of calm inside that we all need.”

Dubeau was getting ready to hit the slopes in her homeland of Canada when she spoke about her 48th recording with her ensemble, La Pieta. Signature brings to life the signature sounds of Philip Glass. The captivating music of this iconic American composer has been nourishing Dubeau since she first worked with the composer on his Violin Concerto in the 1990s.

Glass was part of a series of composer portraits you made in the past. Now you've released another recording honoring his music. Why?

“For this new album completely devoted to Philip Glass, first, I named it Signature because of his unique signature. His music is always easy to recognize, but I wanted to dive back into the work of this very prolific and iconic composer.

“You find in this album works written over a span of almost 50 years. It's a great variety because you have music for theater, for cinema and for all kinds of ensembles, from symphony to chamber to duo to solo.”

As you did this deeper dive into his music, what surprised you?

“I found out that he wrote for orchestra, for cinema and for a theater. It's just amazing. I have found lovely duets for violin and cello. I always find new music.

“In 2008, the last piece of my album at the time was a work called Closing. And I begin this new album with the piece Opening. As a result, the circle is unbroken. That was my kind of nod to the minimalist.

“If we listen to Opening at the beginning of this album, for example, we have this moment of introspection. But right after that we go into a symphony, which is played by 12 instruments, and the solo role of each instrument, each individual voice, is very clear. He wanted to give an important role to all the musicians. So, this is completely different texture of sound.”

You include the second movement from Metamorphosis, and this arrangement is very sparse. How did you approach it?

“For my version, I decided to return to the original. I decided to give back to the piano but color with the strings. You will hear my violin playing a counter melody. I really like the result because it's respectful to the original but with completely other colors, which comes with the arrangement.

“There were no restrictions of my choice of repertoire, no restrictions in the sense that Mr. Glass and his team gave a carte blanche to revisit all the works I wanted with my ensemble.”


Angele Dubeau/La Pieta – Signature/Philip Glass (Analekta)

Angele Dubeau/La Pieta – Signature/Philip Glass (Amazon)

Angele Dubeau (official site)

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