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New Classical Tracks Uncut: Yo-Yo Ma and Johnny Gandelsman

Yo-Yo Ma and Johnny Gandelsman, photographed performing with the Silk Road Ensemble.Max Whittaker

New Classical Tracks Uncut: Yo-Yo Ma, Johnny Gandelsman of Silk Road Ensemble


December 16, 2016

Sometimes the best stories get left on the cutting room floor. This year, Julie Amacher picks those stories up and shares them with you. She'll count down her six favorite New Classical Tracks interviews of 2016 on "New Classical Tracks, Uncut."

For December 16, Julie shares her full conversation with Yo-Yo Ma and Johnny Gandelsman, who talk about their collaboration as part of the Silk Road Ensemble album, Sing Me Home.

In this full-length interview, among several topics, Yo-Yo Ma talks about what makes his collaboration with Gandelsman so special. "I think Johnny's secret is that he gives great parties," Ma says. "And this whole album is really about having a fabulous party … it's like, 'Who would you like to invite to the party and what night?' And that's what we did."

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