Pianist Lucas Debargue revives forgotten music of Miłosz Magin

Composer Milosz Magin lived from 1929 until 1999.YouTube

September 01, 2021

Miłosz Magin, who lived from 1929 until 1999, is not a household name in classical music, but pianist Lucas Debargue is trying hard to remedy that. Debargue, an adventurous pianist from France, has released something of a Magin primer, an album with a variety of the neglected composer's works that should be a revelation even to classical music geeks. Like Chopin before him, Magin was a Polish piano virtuoso who moved to Paris. His concertos, chamber music and solo piano pieces pay homage to the rhythms of his homeland – with a touch of Bartok's angularity – yet shine in a kind of French elegance. His "Nostalgie du pays" (Homesickness) is a simple, wistful daydream of a piece that will make you wonder where this undervalued composer has been all your life.

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