Choral Stream

Adult Swim Choir offers a goofy, interactive take on virtual singing

The Adult Swim Choir is an interactive web feature from the off-kilter cartoon TV network.Adult Swim

July 30, 2020

If you're pressed for time, checking out the Adult Swim Choir probably isn't the best idea. You'll wonder where the minutes have flown once you start playing around with this goofy, interactive take on choral singing.

Created by the off-kilter cartoon TV network Adult Swim a few years ago, the feature offers new meaning and hilarity in this pandemic-driven age of virtual choirs. Do a screen-share during your next Zoom rehearsal to amuse your fellow singers.

Just pull down on the fleshy, balloon-like lips in the frame below, and watch the day fade away as a ghostly, polyphonic sound emanates from the animated mouths. Adjust the positioning of the lips, like a hand hovering over a Theremin, to change the pitch and chords.

You'll want to "Turn up your sound!" as the loading screen urges.

Trust us on this one.

If you have playback issues with the embed above, visit the Adult Swim website.