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160-voice choir takes 'America's Got Talent' by storm

The Angel City Chorale appears on 'America's Got Talent.' NBC

The 160-voice Angel City Chorale started its America's Got Talent audition Tuesday night by mimicking a thunderstorm and then soon had the audience on its feet with a stirring rendition of Toto's "Africa."

Even judge Simon Cowell clapped along.

"There was something magical about hearing you all sing together," the infamously cynical judge said afterward (in comments not included on NBC's official video). "When a song works, and the vocals work, it just washes all over you, and you feel amazing. That's what great choirs can do. And you've got a fantastic combined energy. This was a great audition. I'm going to remember it for a long time."

Watch the performance by director Sue Fink and her vocal forces.


As long as we're discussing vocal talents, check out the AGT audition of Oscar, the canine crooner with an uncanny sense of pitch. Is he really singing?