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Dad recovers his late wife's lullaby with help from the internet

A Pro Tools session Jay Gabler/APM

There's a lot of hate on the internet — but there's a lot of love, too, as one dad discovered when Reddit users helped him recover some songs recorded by his late wife.

Jared Buhanan-Decker, of Utah, lost his wife this year when she died of a rare medical condition during the birth of the couple's son J.J.

Sharry Buhanan-Decker was a singer who wrote and recorded songs throughout her life. After her death, her husband found six songs left by Sharry — including a recording of a lullaby for her son. The problem: the songs were recorded on Pro Tools, a piece of software Jared didn't have access to.

How to get the music? Jared turned to Reddit, where users not only helped him access his wife's tracks, they helped him mix the tracks and add accompaniment. Now, J.J. often rocks to sleep to the sound of his mother's voice.

"Baby don't you worry 'bout me," sings Sharry. "I'll be okay."

You can read more about the Buhanan-Deckers' journey at their blog.

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