Elephants love lullabies too

Zookeeper Lek Chailert sings an elephant to sleep in Chiang Mai, ThailandSave the Elephant Foundation

May 31, 2016

We know humans love lullabies — that's why YourClassical offers a Lullaby stream, for relaxation 24/7 — but it turns out that elephants like them too.

In a video shared by the Save Elephant Foundation, Thai zookeeper Lek Chailert serenades an elephant named Faamai — then lies down with the giant animal as she drifts off to sleep.

"Sometimes when we want to make our baby relax and feel safe when they sleep, they need not just only a lullaby, but they want us to be next to them to comfort them and make them feel safe," writes Chailert on Facebook. "Not just only human babies need that. Elephant[s] want that part too."