Articles by Garrett Tiedemann

St. Paul artist PaviElle French composes symphony for SPCO's Tapestry series Article

The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra's new Tapestry initiative aims to use "the language of music to explore issues faced by our community." For St. Paul singer and artist PaviElle French, it is the opportunity of a lifetime. She ended up composing her first symphony for an orchestra.


Minnesota Orchestra conjures 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban' Article

This weekend, the Minnesota Orchestra kicks off a new season of films in concert with a performance of 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban' live at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Conductor Sarah Hicks describes the complicated process of bringing these unique cinematic-musical experiences to the stage.


Heights Theater organ preserves the legacy of movie music Article

In the northeast Minneapolis suburb of Columbia Heights thrives a pillar of Minnesota movie history, the Heights Theater. And along with its spectacular lobby and elegant auditorium, there is another steadfastly maintained piece of history: the Heights Organ. Take a photo and video tour of this wonderful piece of music-making.


Minnesota bees inspire new classical work, film 'Bee-Sharp Honeybee' Article

Australian composer Rae Howell came to Minnesota to make some solo records but became fascinated by backyard beehives. Now she and local filmmaker Deacon Warner have combined her music and his film to create 'Bee-Sharp Honeybee,' a documentary and classical work based on the sounds of bees.


Top Score: Robert Elhai makes a splash in Hollywood and beyond Article

Robert Elhai has worked on the music for Hollywood blockbusters like 'The Avengers' and 'Pirates of the Caribbean,' TV hits such as 'Hawaii Five-O,' and theatrical sensations like Broadway's 'The Lion King.' He's even worked with the heavy metal band Metallica and on a 'Call of Duty' video game. And he's done it all while living in Minneapolis.