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Yo-Yo Ma, Kathryn Stott search for comfort and hope

Pianist Kathryn Stott and cellist Yo-Yo Ma Sony Classical
15min 15sec : Yo-Yo Ma & Kathryn Stott - Songs of Comfort and Hope

When a student is learning an instrument and they sit down to play, usually they'll start with the question, "Well, what music does my teacher want me to play?" As they progress through their career, the choice of music becomes, "What do I want to play?" Cellist Yo-Yo Ma and pianist Kathryn Stott, though, are much more than classical musicians. They are global ambassadors, responding to current events in real time. When the two prepare to play for other people, they start with the question "What does the world need to hear right now?"

As COVID overwhelmed our lives, Ma and Stott agreed the world was looking for comfort and hope. A collection of social media videos planted the seed of an idea for an album together. Ma and Stott talked with Fred Child from two different continents about the solace music can provide and the artistic curiosity and optimism that hope requires.

Learn more about their collaboration here:
Yo-Yo Ma & Kathryn Stott: Songs of Comfort and Hope

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