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with host Fred Child

Joanne Polk celebrates an underestimated composer

Pianist and educator Joanne Polk Jeffrey Langford
28min 10sec : Joanne Polk interview about Louise Farrenc

Louise Farrenc was a remarkable pianist and imaginative composer in 19th Century France. In technical skill and musicality, she operated in the same virtuosic plane as her contemporaries Frederic Chopin and Franz Liszt. Gender, though, was not in her favor--not that it mattered to Farrenc.

Pianist Joanne Polk has recorded an album exclusively of Farrenc's solo piano compositions. Listen to her interview with PT host Fred Child about Farrenc, the woman who blazed a trail for many ambitious, female musicians who followed in her footsteps.

More about Polk's album: Louise Farrenc: Etudes & Variations

Joanne Polk's album features the piano compositions of French composer Louise Farrenc. Steinway & Sons


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