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Listen to a stunning performance of 'Caledonia' by Voces8 and the St. Michael-Albertville Concert Choir

Voces8 performs at Saint Michael Catholic Church in St. Michael, Minn., on Feb. 19, 2020. James Napoli/APM

Beautiful music is what we need now, and there are few tunes as stunning as "Caledonia," sung by Voces8 with choir. Listen as the talented students of the St. Michael-Albertville Concert Choir, under the direction of Joe Osowski, join in on Blake Morgan's arrangement of Dougie MacLean's timeless song.

MacLean wrote "Caledonia" in ten minutes while on a beach in Brittany, France. He was homesick for Scotland, having been busking around with some friends. "Caledonia" is the Latin word for Scotland, and it has since become an unofficial anthem for the country.


Performers: Voces8, St. Michael-Albertville Concert Choir
Song: "Caledonia," by Dougie MacLean (arr. Blake Morgan)
Venue: St. Michael Catholic Church, St. Michael, Minn.
Recorded Feb. 19, 2020, by Classical MPR

For Classical MPR:
Video: Veronica Rodriguez, James Napoli
Audio: Cameron Wiley
Post-production: James Napoli

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