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Watch: Composer Jake Runestad discusses 'The Hope of Loving'

Brian Newhouse, managing director of Classical MPR, interviews composer Jake Runestad about his album 'The Hope of Loving.' James Napoli/APM

Did you miss our Facebook Live CD Release Party with Jake Runestad?

You can now watch the full video on YouTube, as host Brian Newhouse talks with the composer about his new release from Delos Music, The Hope of Loving, performed by Conspirare.

Runestad talks about the making of the album, what it was like to have the ensemble Conspirare perform his works, and his composing process.

On composing, Runestad said "I write because it's not about music for the sake of music — it's music for the sake of helping someone grieve, inspiring positive change in the world, telling someone else's story that maybe we don't know about in order to foster compassion. It's really music with purpose."

Watch the full Q&A below:

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