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Former King's Singer Christopher Gabbitas named as artistic director of Phoenix Chorale

The Phoenix Chorale is led by Christopher Gabbitas. Jen Rogers

The Phoenix Chorale announced today that Christopher Gabbitas is taking over as its new artistic director, succeeding Charles Bruffy, who led the choir from 1999 to 2017.

A former member of the King's Singers, Gabbitas has visited more than 40 countries and performed in almost 2,000 concerts worldwide. Along with appearing on more than 30 albums with the King's Singers, he is a two-time Grammy winner.

Watch: Christopher Gabbitas performs 'Greensleeves' with the King's Singers

In addition to singing, Gabbitas is a managing partner for the King's Singers and an attorney, helping to set up charitable foundations in the United Kingdom and United States and raising funds for many charities around the world.

"The Phoenix Chorale is a shining gem in the middle of the desert," Gabbitas said, "and our mission is to ensure we raise our voices in song, reaching as many people as possible and spreading the wonder of live music to all who will listen."

Gabbitas' first concert series as artistic director of the Phoenix Chorale will take place Oct. 19 and 20.

Watch: Christopher Gabbitas talks about Phoenix Chorale

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