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with host Fred Child

In studio with pianist Drew Petersen

Drew Petersen, pianist Courtesy of artist
26min 41sec : In studio with Drew Petersen

Drew Petersen, winner of the 2017 American Pianists Award, joins host Fred Child in the PT performance studio. Petersen graduated cum laude from Harvard with a bachelor of liberal arts degree and did his undergraduate music studies at the Juilliard School with Jerome Lowenthal. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Music degree at Juilliard with Robert McDonald and is a recipient of the prestigious Kovner Fellowship.

In our conversation, Drew talks about his decision to attend Harvard rather than a music conservatory, and discusses the construction of a fugue. He also plays two fiendishly difficult pieces of music, the Sonatine by Maurice Ravel and the Fugue from Piano Sonata Op. 26 by Samuel Barber.