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VIDEO: a choral performance in an Icelandic hot spring

Lake Myvatn Nature Baths in IcelandRagnar Th. Sigurdsson

November 03, 2015

Hot water — whether with lemon, honey, tea, or salt — is the soothing foundation for any number of vocal remedies. It's much rarer to see singers performing in hot water.

But that's exactly where the men's choir known as Karlakórinn Hreimur from Húsavík, Iceland, sang an impromptu rendition of the song Ó, mín flaskan fríða for a French TV crew.

The setting is the Lake Mývatn Nature Baths about 60 miles south of the Arctic Circle. And the classic Icelandic song, which translates as "O My Beautiful Bottle," is an ode to liquor, suggesting perhaps that the choir has its own take on vocal remedies.

And it's not the first time Karlakórinn Hreimur have sung in the hot springs. Here's a video from 2011: