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A Choral Birthday Tribute to Anne Frank

Statue of Anne Frank in Westermarkt plaza in Amsterdam.BESTWEB via Shutterstock

Anne Frank, 'A Living Voice'


On Anne Frank's 86th birthday, I felt it would be appropriate to pay special tribute through song.

The San Francisco Girls Chorus, founded in 1978, commissioned a piece written for treble choir and string quartet for their 25th Anniversary. That piece, Anne Frank: A Living Voice, was written by Minnesota based composer Linda Tutas Haugen. Linda shared this recording with me and after listening to it, I was blown away by the artistry and craft by both the composer and ensemble.

Linda says, "My goals for this composition are to honor the life of Anne Frank, and to gain a deeper understanding of what she, her family, and friends experienced during the Holocaust." I can comfortably say that she and the San Francisco Girls Chorus have done a marvelous job of sharing that story through the choral medium.

You can read more about this powerful work in the program notes found here.