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Sing to Inspire: Miraculously Finding Peace

Pianist Stephen Hough.Hiroyuki Ito

Sing to Inspire: Miraculously Finding Peace


Celebrated concert pianist Stephen Hough shares his story about a violent car crash and how it inspired his choral composition Missa Mirabilis, the Mass of Miracles.

In an interview with Julie Amacher, Hough says he remembers his car "violently summersaulting on the highway; landing mangled and upside down on the hard shoulder. And as it was tumbling on the highway, I was thinking - because I had the sketches for this mass with me in the car - I thought, well, I'm never going to hear this mass. This is it. I've had a wonderful life and thank you God for all the blessings and wonderful things that have happened, but this is my time."

Miraculously, he would survive this accident, complete the composition, and later hear the premiere of his Mass of Miracles.

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#SingToInspire Performance of the Week
The Colorado Symphony and Colorado Symphony Chorus
Agnus Dei from Missa Mirabilis - Stephen Hough, composer
Andrew Litton, conductor

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