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Eric Whitacre's "Deep Field": Creative Connections in Science and Music

Eric Whitacre talks with Brian Newhouse in the studio at Classical MPR.MPR photo/Nate Ryan

May 08, 2015

Eric Whitacre joined American Public Media's Brian Newhouse to talk about the creation of his most recent work, "Deep Field."

"Deep Field" is inspired by the tiny patch of sky in the Big Dipper that, when focused on by the Hubble Space Telescope for 10 days, yielded images of thousands of galaxies at the edge of the universe.

"Deep Field" will be premiered by the Minnesota Orchestra in concert May 8-10 at Orchestra Hall. The May 8 concert will be broadcast live on Classical Minnesota Public Radio.

Eric and Brian are joined by composer Steven Bryant whose "Ecstatic Waters" for orchestra premieres in the concert series, as well as members of the team from The Nerdery who created the mobile app that performs as collective instrumentation for "Deep Field." (Download the app: AppStore or Google Play)

Produced in cooperation with Minnesota Orchestra and Music Productions.