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with host Fred Child

In studio with Chad Lawson

Pianist Chad Lawson Courtesy of the artist
26min 5sec : In studio with Chad Lawson

Chad Lawson's latest release, The Chopin Variations, came out of practicing his piano late at night.

Not wanting to disturb his two young children, he placed felt over the piano's hammers. The resulting sound he achieved was intimate and resonating, accompanied by the instrument's hushed creaks and groans. Chopin's lush arrangements of are stripped to the basics as each note seems to contemplate the next.

Lawson says he has nothing but complete respect for Chopin's work, and he acknowledges these interpretations might take a little getting used to.

The Chopin Variations is a two CD collection, and the music on each of the discs is actually the same, but features different performers. The first disc is Lawson solo; on the second disc, Lawson's original piano tracks are accompanied by Judy Kang on violin and Rubin Kodheli on cello.

A solo Chad Lawson joined Fred in the studio to discuss his variations project, his admiration for Chopin, and more.

And are you interested in following along to Lawson's variation on Chopin's Waltz in A Minor? The sheet music is available here.

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