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Tesfa's Choral Car: Announcing the Winning Name!

Tesfa and Alison - choral car winner


November 13, 2014
tesfa choral car
Tesfa Wondemagegnehu and his "choral car".
Jake Runestad for MPR

First let me say, that I am super thrilled that we had more than 200 submissions. Some of these names were EPIC, so we decided to create a list of some of our favorites. I hope you can check out our web feature for the complete list, so I will start with our top five:

5. Sforzando
4. Auto Pärt
3. Mahlerati (Funny thing about Mahlerati is that my favorite piece of music to sing is the final movement of Mahler's Second Symphony.)
2. Which is super clever … is the … Rolls Voice

And finally, the moment you've all been waiting for … the grand prize winner is — now, to add to the drama, let's talk about the prize: The winner will receive a box of amazing choral CDs for their listening pleasure!

OK, the winner is: Kia Soulfege. Congratulations to Stephanie M. of Chicago for submitting this creative name.

As a chorister myself, I really couldn't imagine singing a piece of music without knowledge of solfege or aural skills. It was the closest thing that we could find that was related to the choral art form and the actual vehicle itself. That's how we selected the name, and thank you all for your submissions.

Because we received so many great name ideas, I'd like to share this list of honorable mentions:

The Choral Cruiser
Black Ice
Classical MPCar
Franz Joseph Speedyn
Funk Dimittis
The Wonde Wagon
The Harmonic Hoopty
Moto Perpetuo
The Bachster

Be sure to listen to the Choral Stream, and thanks again for sending your wonderful ideas.