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Jeremy Soule and Guild Wars 2 on Top Score

Jeremy Soule and Guild Wars 2 on Top Score


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November 14, 2013
Jeremy Soule
Jeremy Soule
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Some video game composers shy away from writing clear, recognizable melodies because game music tends to loop, so hearing the same melody again and again gets irritating over time.

But composer Jeremy Soule lives for writing melodies, enough for more than three hours of music for the game Guild Wars 2.

I'm reminded of several of my favorite composers when I hear his music, blended with Soule's own harmonic and melodic voice.

You can compare for yourself; first, listen to "Walls of Ebonhawke":

Now listen to the opening of this Oboe Concerto by Ralph Vaughan Williams:

Guild Wars 2 is set in a fantasy world. Like a lot of fantasy music, Soule's score sounds like folk music, reminiscent of a pastoral, bygone era. The classical composer Ottorino Respighi did this with his music too — reworking Renaissance music into his own 20th-century sound, like in his Ancient Airs and Dances.

Compare to Soule's "Dawn in Shaemoor":

I could do this all day. How about another of my favorites from Soule; this is called "Logan's Journey":

It might remind you of John Adams, at least for a while. Here's The Chairman Dances:

The mischief in "Snaff's Workshop"...

Might conjure sounds of Edvard Grieg:

If you like the soundtrack to Guild Wars 2, there are approximately one million classical composers you'll love, too. Likewise, if you're a classical listener who is interested in learning more about what kids listen to these days, pick up music from Jeremy Soule. You'll be delighted you did.

Hear Jeremy Soule's music for Guild Wars 2 on the new episode of Top Score from Classical MPR, also on iTunes.