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Jeremy Soule Uses Kickstarter to Fund His First Symphony

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April 01, 2013
Jeremy Soule
Jeremy Soule
Courtesy the artist

No one's ever used Kickstarter to fund a symphony. I can't hardly believe it. But it's true, and it makes me think that Kickstarter would've been pretty helpful for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

No one until Jeremy Soule, that is. Launched on Kickstarter on March 13, he'll call his Symphony No. 1 The Northerner.

Jeremy's written scores for some three dozen games, including The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and its two predecessors, as well as Guild Wars and its successors.

Why use Kickstarter for a symphony?

Well, writing a symphony is hard. Really hard. And time-consuming, unless you're Haydn or Mozart. Honestly, though, a person could write one on a set of napkins. But who plays it, and once you find an ensemble to play it, where will they play? If you're fortunate enough to line up those things, what about a recording?

This is when Kickstarter ends up being incredibly helpful. With Jeremy's initial $10,000 goal already met, the additional funds (called a "stretch goal") are used for all of those other less-obvious considerations... human performers, a performing venue, recording sessions and special offers for contributors.

Through the site, Jeremy is able to get direct feedback from fans and contributors. In his first update on the site, he posed a question close to many of our hearts, "What does it mean to go north?"

Turns out, people from all around the world know exactly what it means. For some, it means home. For others, it means adventure. One comment simply said, "I'm Australian; pretty much everything is north for me."

Jeremy is a classical music nut, right at home discussing Bach's seemingly alien abilities with counterpoint, Beethoven's humanism and Mozart's predictable cadences.

You can listen to my conversation with Jeremy Soule on a special episode of Top Score from Classical MPR. Subscribe on iTunes.


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