Choral Stream

Cantus Masterclass in Ely

July 12, 2011
Rick Spaulding

Cantus made a few stops during their Greater Minnesota Tour to work with high school choirs. On the campus of Vermilion Community College Theater, they coached singers from Ely, Babbitt and Tower-Soudan. What makes Cantus so remarkable (besides their voices, musicianship, arrangements, group dymanic, and sense of humor) is how comfortable they are in front of students, traditionally a somewhat fickle audience. Especially in a choral rehearsal, making funny noises and faces in front of your peers can be difficult even for adults, but within just minutes of introducing themselves, Cantus had everyone laughing, joining in, and seemingly enjoying themselves while they all worked on vowels, annunciation, stresses, and wording. Of course, education is a skill that Cantus is well-known for. At the 2011 Chorus America conference, they were awarded the Education Outreach Award.